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Spartan Jump Rope

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From athletes to the athletes. We lust for a strong working and ultra stylish workout equipment. We've seen jump ropes that look ugly, break easily or don't have the flow to go the extra mile, banging into your shins like a b*****.

We've created a jumping rope that catches attention, gives you the workout you deserve and doesn't break.

Why should you buy a Jumping Rope?

Ā 1 - Calorie Cooker
Very few exercises burn calories like jump rope. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. Work your jump rope exercise into three 10-minute rounds and you're looking at 480 calories in half an hour. According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile. Thereā€™s a reason the American Heart Association created an entire movement around jumping rope (ever heard of Jump Rope for Heart?).

Ā 2 - Build Agility & Quickness
Want to get "lighter on your feet?" Skip rope every day for a few minutes. When you jump rope on the balls of your feet, body connects with mind to make "neural muscular adjustments" to keep you balanced. Essentially, skipping rope improves your balance and quickness/coordination by making your mind focus on your feet for sustained periods of time, even if you're not conscious of it. Boxers know this. Why do you think jumping rope is a favorite exercise for the best boxers in the world?Ā 

Ā 3 - Increase Bone Density
The medium impact of jumping rope increases bone density, but isnā€™t as hard on your joints as running because the impact of each jump is absorbed by both legs. In fact, according to Dr. Daniel W. Barry, a researcher who has studied the bones of the elderly and of athletes, the latest studies show simply jumping is one of the very best exercises for improving bone density.Ā 

Ā 4 - It's Good For Your Brain
We know that exercise (even as little as 20 minutes) is good for the brain. But did you know that activities with BOTH physical and mental demands (like slacklining, ballroom dancing or jumping rope) have higher impacts on cognitive functioning than exercise tasks alone (like the treadmill or stationary bike). Turns out the very best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and strategy. So the next time you're jumping rope, challenge yourself to try some jump rope tricks. Turns out they're really good for your brain.

#5 - PortableĀ 
How else to explain thisā€¦ You. Can. Jump. Rope. Anywhere. Weā€™ve seen videos of people jump roping on the beach, on top of mountains, on boats ā€¦ even in the dark. Unless you live in a hobbit hole, you can find space to jump rope.


  • Length: 3 m
  • Material:Ā Metal
  • Tested by professional athletesĀ 
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Returns are easy, simply contact us for a returns number and send your item to our returns centre for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap!

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